Inside the Skin of a drop


Warp the space and time and live the cycle life of a water drop. Born during a rainy day in Auvergne, travel through the heart of the earth et and rise in a thermal geyser.

Producer : ZORBA
Co-Producer : RIG
Executiv Producer : Paper Street Studio
Line producer : Nicolas Deschamps
VR Supervisor : David Lafin
Technical Director : Olivier “Castor” Georges
Stage Manager : Thibaud Gladin
Assistant Stage Manager : Mathilde Esclapez.
Camera Operator : Julien Malichier
Drone Operator : Antoine Cailloux
Assistant Drone Operator : David Sugar
DOP Studio : Christophe Grellier
Model Maker : “JIM”
Stitcher : Guillaume Malichier & Deliya Levchenko
Sound Ingenier & Music Mixer : Gael Nicolas
Post production : ZORBA